History- Acta Histriae

Being founded in 1993 as a periodical publication within editorial office Annales, the aim of Acta Histriae was the presentation of the articles from several international conferences, organized by then Science and Research Centre of the Republic of Slovenia and the Historical Society of Southern Primorska – Koper (and with the possible joint organization of the other institutions like University of Venice, University of Ljubljana, Croatian Institute for History residing in Zagreb ecc.). Since 1999 two volumes have been regularly annually published, however, in 2004 the programming scheme expanded to the publication of reviewed scientific articles from conferences and the other original and synoptic scientific articles of different thematic complexes in the field of historiography. Not only it is included in international quotation index International Medieval Bibliography, University of Leeds (UK), but in 2005 it was also classified in the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS) (UK).