Missione: Annales, Series Historia Naturalis

The scientific journal Annales, Series Historia Naturalis (Annals for Istrian and Mediterranean Studies) is published twice a year. The journal publishes original scientific articles in the field of natural sciences related to the specifities of various sub-fields of Mediterranean natural sciences: marine biology and ecology, ichthyology, geology with paleontology, karst studies, olive growing, biodiversity of Slovenia, nature protection, pollution and environmental protection, physical geography of Istria and the Mediterranean, etc. It also publishes short scientific papers on completed research projects related to these sub-fields. The journal has a long tradition and is internationally recognized as one of the highest quality journals in the field of Mediterranean natural sciences. In addition to the scientific quality, the journal also reflects a general accessibility for both authors and readers, since its archive, as well as all new issues, are freely available on our website from the moment of publication (gold open access).