History- Annales, Series Historia Naturalis

The journal ANNALES: Anali za istrske in mediteranske študije – Annali di Studi istriani e mediterranei / Annals for Istran and Mediterranean studie (until 1994, Volume 4, No. 5 the journal’s subtitle had read: Annals of the Koper Littoral and Neighbouring Regions). Initially (the first three numbers) the journal was being published once a year only; from 1994 on two numbers have been issued annually, one of them covering the field of natural science (series historia naturalis), the other one the humanities and sociological studies (series historia et sociologia). From 1999 on (Volume 9), however, four numbers are published per year, two from the Annales, Series Historia Naturalis and two from the Annales Historia et Sociologia.